Update 2.1.21 Hybrid Worship: We’re currently offering a third option for worship services. Our regular service and online streaming will continue as they have been, with no changes, but we’re also streaming the service to a large screen in the gym on Sunday mornings for a “Hybrid Worship” experience. Hybrid Worship is a fully-masked, fully socially distanced opportunity to worship in-person, with extra care taken to ensure adherence to strict COVID guidelines. We’re providing this opportunity with extra safety measures, lots of space, and a smaller group of people in hopes that all members of our church family will have options that allow them to feel safe and comfortable in gathering at the church. A separate entrance is provided through the door on the 7th Street side of the building, with exit through the gym doors. Masks and social distancing are required for the Hybrid service. Sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are on hand. There’s plenty of room to spread out, but still worship together! Pastor Jeff will greet Hybrid Worship attenders from a safe distance at the beginning of the service. Church family, please be sensitive to those who wish to participate in the fully socially distanced service and avoid entering the gym extension after 10am on Sundays. Parents, please instruct your kids to avoid the gym til after 12 pm.
Update 12.19.20 We are excited to announce that we will resume in-person gatherings beginning with the Christmas Eve Service. Those who are not yet able to join us in person may still watch LIVE at the Keokuk E Free facebook page. Sunday School and children’s ministry events aren’t meeting in person yet. 
Update 11:25.20
Due to the rate of COVID cases in our area, we will continue to have all-virtual services through next Sunday (12/6). We are hopeful that the current downward trend will continue so that we are able to safely and wisely resume meeting in person on Sunday 12/13. Please be sure to watch Pastor Jeff’s announcement video at https://www.facebook.com/120606744618944/videos/177544380677885/
Updated 9.14.20
Dear Church Family:
We are thankful that we once again are able to gather in person, but we recognize that in a time of pandemic our church has a responsibility to take care of our people and safety is important. With this in mind, we want you to be aware of a few temporary changes to our Sunday morning format, including sanitation and safety measures that we have adopted as we meet together during this time. As you enjoy greeting each other in person, please be gracious! Keep in mind that hugs & handshakes may not yet be welcome for some. Help to make our fellowship comfortable for those who may be more or less hesitant than you.
  • As you enter, we encourage you to head into the worship center and find a seat. Please enter through the middle doors.
  • Per CDC recommendations, we ‘ve adjusted our method of seating; we have left some seats empty to maintain space between people. There will be signs on rows that will not be in use. Family groups are welcome to sit together.
  • Sunday School for adults is at 9:00am. Kids’ and Youth Sunday School will begin in October.
  • Sermon notes, announcements, etc. will continue to be emailed in addition to a printed bulletin.
  • Our practice for offering and communion looks a little different during this time. For more details, see the email from the Elders  or contact the church office.
  • After the service, we know you’ll want to catch up and have conversations with each other! We encourage you to do much of that outside the building to avoid congestion in the more confined space of the foyer.
  • Please have a discussion with your kids so they understand the temporary guidelines outlined in this letter. Please keep your children with you while at the church. Please do not allow them to play in any other places. We want to keep all areas that are being used sanitized according to guidelines; please help us by limiting the areas in use during this phase of our re-opening.
  • There will be no Kids’ Kourt.
  • There will be no nursery staff available at this time. We ask that you avoid allowing your children into the nursery.
  • Please prepare an activity bag including crayons, pens, quiet toys, etc. for your children and bring it with you to the service. Packets of kids’ activity pages will be available on a table in the foyer.
  • There will be some additional tables at the back of the worship center for those families who have children and would like to sit at a table where kids can work on activity sheets.
  • If anyone in your household is sick, please stay at home.
  • If anyone in your household is at high-risk for serious complications from the virus, we urge you to consider remaining at home as well.
  • Please be aware of others and maintain appropriate space to avoid congestion.
  • During this time, there will be no coffee or breakfast food items served.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the door and throughout the church, but we encourage you to be prepared by bringing your own hand sanitizer or hand wipes.
  • We encourage you to bring your own mask if you choose to wear one. We will have a limited supply of masks available.
  • Restrooms: We realize it’s going to be difficult to keep appropriate distance in a smaller space such as our restrooms. We want to continue providing restroom facilities – Please use good judgment and clean up after yourselves! Lysol/Clorox wipes will be available for sanitizing surfaces.
We recognize that everyone has varying personal feelings and opinions about the situation facing us. Please remember to be respectful of others’ level of comfort or concern. Pray that God will bless us with an extra measure of unity as we experience the joy of corporate worship!
Even if you aren’t yet able to fellowship in person, please be assured that we will continue to livestream the service via Facebook. Audio recordings of the messages will continue to be posted on the church website early in the week. We encourage you to join us in worshipping and growing through our online services on Sunday as well as the small groups and other opportunities that we are offering online. If you’re not able to access the internet, please contact the church office at 319-524-1090 to discuss your needs and discuss how we can help keep you connected.
We continue to seek the Lord’s guidance and protection as we live and worship through this unique time and we look forward to what He will do in and through our church as we serve Him.
The Elders
Layne Billings, Brad Culpepper, Kenny Culpepper,
Jeff Dedey, Shawn Whitaker